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  Roy Bennett welcomes you to Free Zimbabwe

Thanks for your interest in the struggle against oppression in Zimbabwe. We need your help. The people continue to suffer. Zimbabwe may not be in the news, but make no mistake: thousands continue to die under the venal rule of Robert Mugabe and his party, Zanu (PF). Brave men and women are murdered—battered to death, thrown into dams, buried in unmarked graves. Untold numbers perish every week from preventable causes—women in childbirth, and the old and young alike from the AIDS epidemic that has swept across our country like a tsunami. The 'lucky' join our more than one million AIDS orphans, our little ones living like dogs on the street. Mugabe is unmoved in body or soul.

You can make a real difference. Many have understandably become cynical about Zimbabwe, feeling that stagnation has set-in, that Zimbabweans have given up, that change can never come. But that is not true. The people remain resolute and committed. Help us by spreading the word about what is happening in Zimbabwe and by contributing financially to the cause. You may not be able to fight with us in the trenches, but you can join the struggle. Every time you tell someone about Zimbabwe and every dollar you give will bring us closer. Together we can make Zimbabwe free.

Roy Bennett, November 2011

  • GM, ♂, murdered

    GM, ♂, murdered

    Gift Mutsvungunu, found dead in the Harare township of Kuwadzana on 15 July 2008. Burnt and beaten.

  • DS, ♂, stabbed

    DS, ♂, stabbed

    DS, 24, stabbed in the eye by Zanu (PF) youth while celebrating the MDC victory of 29 March 2008.

  • GM, ♂, burnt

    GM, ♂, burnt

    GM, 22, Gokwe district. Set alight with petrol by Zanu (PF) youth while asleep on the night of 20 June 2008. He escaped by jumping into a river.

  • JM, ♂, battered

    JM, ♂, battered

    JM, Mudzi district. Taken to a Zanu (PF) torture base on 7 June 2008, he was beaten by militia and war veterans who told him: ‘you thought you were clever—you are puppets of Morgan Tsvangirai’. Fractured left arm and extensive soft tissue injuries.

  • TM, ♂, stoned

    TM, ♂, stoned

    Tapiwa Mbwanda, 58, MDC Organising Secretary for Hurungwe East. Beaten and stoned to death in Karoi, 11 April 2008.

  • FM, ♂, thrashed

    FM, ♂, thrashed

    FM, 38, Dzivarasekwa township, Harare. Thrashed with chains and fan belts by 12 soldiers for transporting MDC supporters to election rallies, April 2008.

  • TL, ♂, burnt

    TL, ♂, burnt

    TL, Mashonaland East. Burnt with dripping plastic for ‘being MDC’, 16 April 2008.

  • CT, ♂, beaten

    CT, ♂, beaten

    CT, 38. Beaten by Zanu (PF) youth, 14 April 2008. ‘We will teach you to vote Zanu (PF). You are selling the country back to the whites’.

  • LM, ♀ 82, assaulted

    LM, ♀ 82, assaulted

    LM, 82, Mudzi district. Assaulted in May 2008 by militia who told her: ‘Get out of our village. We don’t like you’. Her husband and daughter were also severely beaten.

  • SC, ♂ 3, bashed

    SC, ♂ 3, bashed

    SC, 3, beaten with his family by Zanu (PF) militia, 21 April 2008. Former employees of evicted white farmers, the family were told: ‘You are MDC. You want the whites back to look after you’.

  • MN, ♀, beaten

    MN, ♀, beaten

    MN, 22, a woman from Chiweshe. Beaten in May 2008 by a mob led by Zanu (PF) councillor Sarudzai Mutyavaviri. ‘You supported MDC and Tsvangirai and you want the whites back on the land’.

  • DG, ♂, burnt

    DG, ♂, burnt

    DG, Zaka district, burnt when soldiers petrol bombed the MDC office, 3 June 2008. Two died in the attack.

  • K, ♂, burnt

    K, ♂, burnt

    K, a second survivor of the arson attack on MDC’s Zaka office.

  • K’s feet

    K’s feet

    K’s feet. The victims suffered third degree burns over 50 percent of their bodies.

  • IR, ♀ 70, roasted

    IR, ♀ 70, roasted

    IR, 70, Bindura town. A known MDC supporter, she was beaten and thrown into a fire by 18 Zanu (PF) supporters, 10 June 2008. Her genitals, back and legs were severely burnt.

  • DM, ♂ 80, battered

    DM, ♂ 80, battered

    DM, 80, Zaka district. The father of a prominent MDC official, he suffered fractures, lacerations and deep tissue bruising after being beaten with sticks and chains by armed soldiers, June 2008.

  • LD, ♂, hacked

    LD, ♂, hacked

    LD, 57, Marondera North. Hacked with a machete on the face and head by Zanu (PF) youth, June 2008.

  • W&A Rogers, ♂ ♀, battered

    W&A Rogers, ♂ ♀, battered

    18. William and Annette Rogers, Chegutu district. Attacked by Zanu (PF) supporters on their farm, 16 May 2008. Injuries included fractured cheek bones, fractured vertebrae, cracked ribs and perforated ear drums.

  • CM, ♂ 73, arms smashed

    CM, ♂ 73, arms smashed

    CM, 73, Ump district. Both arms broken by Zanu (PF) militia, April 2008.

  • G, ♀, assaulted

    G, ♀, assaulted

    G, Mudzi district. Apart from a broken arm, Zanu (PF) youth and war veterans inflicted wounds on her buttocks that became septic in the two weeks it took her to reach hospital.